For over 140 years, First UMC Blue Springs has been a spiritual home for people of Blue Springs and Eastern Jackson County. Through seasons of growth and change, as well as through times of war and peace, our church has been here, providing faith, hope, and love.

Over the coming months, we are asking the people who call First UMC Blue Springs their spiritual home to take a look at our lives and ask ourselves, "When we work together, what more can Christ do through us?"  We are going to join together in a journey of faith and discovery.

We Are More is a season in which we will look at the spiritual gift of generosity.  We will explore God's desire to bless us and grow our faith through giving and living generously.  We will look at our relationship with Jesus and how that relationship affects every area of our lives, including generosity to the church.

Over the next two years, First UMC will continue to provide top-quality ministry in and through  our congregation. As part of our One Fund budgeting approach, this portion of our goal includes our ministries within our congregation. Salaries related to these areas of ministry are included. It also includes the resources involved in maintaining and improving our physical space, including servicing our debt.

This part of our ministry includes our evangelism opportunities, which are the many ways we  reach out into our community. Our Back to School Bash, for instance, is one recent way in which we are reaching out.

Our faith development ministries are also within this area, which includes our children, youth, and adult programming. Faith education happens in so many ways, and our goal is to continue to increase the number of small groups in which people can deepen their faith. 

Our worship services are the most visible part of our ministry. We have redesigned two of our services recently, so that we offer four distinct worship opportunities each weekend. Our intention is to reach more people through more varied styles of worship.

With such a beautiful building and lovely grounds comes the responsibility of maintenance and improvement. Not only are we servicing our debt, but we are also taking care of many different aspects of our physical plant.

As United Methodists, we are blessed with an abundance of ways to have an impact around the  world. Locally, we support many area agencies, such as the Community Services League and Hillcrest Ministries. 

Through our apportionment giving to the United Methodist Church, we support a wide variety  of ministries and missions. We support new church development locally and around the world. We help develop new leadership for the church through funding seminaries and scholarships. We enable ten historically black colleges and one medical school to continue to provide quality education. When disaster strikes, we are present and on the ground immediately through UMCOR.

Some of our apportionment gifts remain in Missouri, where they fund our bishop’s office. We help start new churches and revitalize existing churches. We encourage excellence in our pastors and churches. We fund a variety of ways for Missouri to be in ministry around the world, such as through the Haiti Clean Water Project and the Festival of Sharing.

We have gone far beyond the regular gift of apportionments with our support of not one, but two, United Methodist churches in Mozambique. Thanks to our generosity, Machava UMC has a new building. We pay their pastor’s salary each year, and this ministry has blossomed. They have birthed a second church, to reach more people for Christ in their community. We also support Bethel UMC in Mozambique, by paying their pastor’s salary each year also.

It’s all about our children. It really is.

Our hope is to diminish our debt load so that the children of this congregation will not be paying our debt when they become adults. Imagine what we could do each month with an additional $19,000. That number represents a lot of lives touched with Christ’s love. It represents increased staffing for our children’s and youth ministries, for outreach and congregational care. It represents the possibility of resources that could enable us to respond nimbly to the changing needs of our community.

Wouldn’t those possibilities be an amazing gift to give to our children and grandchildren? Wouldn’t it be fabulous for our children to know that their future in this congregation is unbound by debt?

Our mission is “making faithful, hopeful, and loving disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” We intend to carry that mission out for generations to come, so that our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and beyond might know the faith, hope, and love of living for Jesus. Every dollar that we can reduce our debt is an investment in the future of our children’s faith.