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April 17, 2020

I share about Beth fairly often in my sermons, but one fact about her you may not know is that she played Division 1 basketball in college! That’s right, and for Fordham University in New York City! Can you imagine that 20 year old Kansas gal stepping onto the streets of the Bronx? It makes me laugh every time I think about it.
Well after two years of playing ball, she graduated and... threw her basketball shoes in the trash as she left the dorm. And it wasn’t just because of their losing season. She had been playing basketball since 4th grade, and the path had run out. There was no more basketball in front of her. And for someone who ate, breathed, and lived ball, that wasn’t just a pair of shoes lost... it was a whole new world: A world where she didn’t know what to do next. 
I share this because it feels like the perfect example of those moments in life where we have NO IDEA what comes next. 
* How do I live without them? 
* How do I find another job?
* What am I supposed to do with this diagnosis?
* How do I take care of a baby?
* When is this pandemic ending?
We all have experienced moments where the path just... ends. And we have no idea what comes next. 
But neither did the disciples. See, they thought Jesus was here to stay—even after the resurrection. They thought they knew what they had signed up for and what was coming next. But then Jesus LEFT. And with very few directions for them! 
Sometimes we think the disciples were ready to create the church. But the reality is... that was the last thing they wanted or expected. What came after the resurrection was a group of people who had to push through the reality of ambiguity, confusion, and fear. But none of those things kept them from partnering with God and changing the world. 
So join us this weekend as we learn from the first Christians about how to make a path when there ISN’T ONE. I can’t wait to share the predicaments they get themselves into...
P.S... Oh and I proposed to that Div 1 athlete! See the photos below :)
Posted by Chris Abel