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July 12, 2020

I’m writing this pastors note in-between two funerals this weekend. Truth is, when I found out I’d be coming to our church last year, it was the funerals that intimidated me more than anything else. Not only did it seem depressing, but I was worried about making mistakes in the midst of a family’s grief. No one needs an amateur pastor when they’ve just lost a loved one! 
But to my surprise, I’ve actually come to cherish these moments. There’s something beautiful about sitting down with the family and friends of a person, of hearing stories of their life and how much of an impact they made, and helping capture their spirit for a simple service. Even in the face of a family’s grief and loss, it can be some of the most authentic and meaningful parts of being a pastor. 
These moments also make me see my own life through a different lens. The conflicts I have seem more trivial. The grudges, easier to let go of. The stresses I carry suddenly seem lighter, and my relationships more important. Solomon actually writes in the book of Ecclesiastes that it’s better to go to a funeral than a party… and I think this is why. Every time I experience these moments, I become more intentional with my own life. 
Which is also why our sermon series is so important. Assuming you don’t get to plan funerals on a regular basis, you probably don’t get the advantage of seeing the end of people’s lives often, and you also probably don’t get the constant reminder that the things we so often fight about… aren’t as important at the end of our lives. Now imagine if you could handle your current conflicts with that mindset. Your life would most likely look different than it currently does!
But good news, you don’t have to grow old or become a pastor to get that perspective! Join us this weekend as we dive into Jacob’s story and learn from his life about How to Fight. This week’s topic? The father-in-law… You might just be surprised at the family conflict Jacob gets himself into… again. 
Much love!
P.S. Have you had a chance to sign up for our Zoom Bible study? It’s just 3 weeks and begins Tuesday! Hope you’ll join us!
P.P.S. School might look different this year, but that’s not stopping us from collecting supplies for kids in need. Consider dropping off some school supplies tomorrow morning from 9am-12! (Details below)
Posted by Chris Abel