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July 18

Have you ever had a “right place, right time” moment? This week Beth, Reeses (our Miniature Dachshund) and I were walking out at Lake Remembrance (which is beautiful!) and a little girl came running up to us screaming “Weiner Dog!” Mom, of course, was right behind and it turns out they’re obsessed with Doxie’s too! Long story short, they connected us with a friend who just had puppies and before the end of our walk, we had reserved a 3-day old little girl to add to our little dog family. We’ll be getting her right after our honeymoon in late September! 
I drove home after this thinking how different my life looks now that I’m engaged and about to be married. I never thought I’d have a dog (or two half dogs), a garden, or the responsibilities that come with considering how your decisions impact another person! But sometimes events happen in our lives that change us. Not just with puppies, but with who we are as people. And I had this realization: The commitments we make shape us into different versions of ourselves. 
This is the same reason I require any couple I marry to go through some sort of pre-marital counseling. Beth and I are doing this, and I’m even requiring her sister and future brother-in-law to do this when I officiate their ceremony in October! Why? Because the commitments we make shape us into different versions of ourselves. And that process can be messy. And challenging. And I’m guessing that getting married doesn’t turn you into the perfect husband or wife overnight. (You married folks can confirm or deny). It takes work—and might even be considered a struggle!
And faith can be like this, too. Being a Christian is a commitment that transforms and shapes you into a different version of yourself. But that process isn’t necessarily easy, either. It takes work—and might also be considered a struggle. Which is what we’re looking at this weekend for part three of our series, How to Fight. How do we fight ourselves? How do we become the people we need to be? 
I hope you’ll be joining us online or in-person as we tackle this important topic! 
Pastor Chris
Posted by Chris Abel