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November 6

As I’m writing this, we’re still waiting to hear the final results of the election and it feels like people have been on pins and needles for days. (Or years!) The increased anxiety I see in my friends and society at large has made my heart heavy. And not just from the election. I’ve been thinking of those who have suffered through (necessary) restrictions and isolation these last six months, and how far from “healthy” we all seem. It’s just been a long year. 
So when we were planning our upcoming sermon series for the rest of November, I posed the question, “What will help people the most?” 
Our answer?
Helping people. 
You might be thinking, “yeah, Chris, you just said that. You want to help people.” But what I mean is this: We want to help people by helping people help people. 
You might be skeptical… but this actually works. And not only is it a religious concept… it’s one that’s backed by science. According to the Templeton Foundation, one survey “found that spending money on other people was associated with significantly greater happiness, regardless of income; conversely, there was no association between spending on oneself and happiness.”
Now this challenges my personal worldview because I really think a new Amazon package at the door brings me happiness. But the truth is, we find happiness, ironically, not when we’re trying to make ourselves happy… but when we’re trying to bring happiness to others. 
So for the rest of November, our goal is to help you think about how to help others. Learning how to help someone else might be the smartest thing you can do for yourself.
Hope to “see” you online or in-person this Sunday as we kick-start this important topic!
P.S. We’ll be introducing our new Next Gen Director, Mona Candea this weekend. If you haven’t sent her a welcome note yet, you can reach Mona at  . Drop her a line!
P.P.S. If you’ve been around the church and looking to take your “Next Step,” join us online or in-person for our Next Steps class next Sunday! This is for people who: Want to become a member, join a Sunday school class or small group, find a place to help out, and/or learn more about what we believe as a church! Details below in this newsletter :)
Posted by Chris Abel