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September 5, 2020

Would you consider joining me in praying for all of the teachers and kids going back to school this week? The start of the school year is already challenging for so many young people (and their teachers) and I cannot imagine the added stress and complexity trying to readjust in the midst of a pandemic. We’re praying for you! 
I think we’re all a little surprised to see the ripples of COVID-19 last this long. And it’s not only made the opening of schools complex... it’s made life as a whole more complex. I know I haven’t been at my best (but that might be the stress of wedding planning) and I’m guessing you don’t feel like you’ve been the best you, either. We’re all feeling it.
That’s why we’re starting a new sermon series called “How to Have a Bad Time in a Pandemic.” Why this title, you might ask? Well, despite the fact that we would most likely prefer not have a bad time in a pandemic, many of us end up unintentionally or accidentally making decisions in our lives that lead to an even worse time! We’ll be talking about four key areas in our lives that have the potential to lead to bad times... or good times. It’s all in how we approach it. 
I’m excited to be tackling this topic, and hope to see you online!
Posted by Chris Abel