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We take seriously the impact we can have on the world because we know how much God loves us. Part of our 5 year vision is to really dig deep and support our Impact Youth ministry.

Wednesdays 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Every night of Impact Youth, we start out with games and fellowship time. There is free time to play in the gym and youth room. 

FOOD! Every night we share a meal together that is provided by the church. We have everything from pizza to chili to breakfast for dinner. 

At youth, we create opportunities for spiritual growth and connection through worship, learning time and small groups. Small groups are divided by grades and lead by two adult leaders. 

We also have opportunities throughout the semesters for serving opportunities on Wednesday nights. During the summer, our youth go on mission trips. 

Current Series 

From off-brand cereals to knock-off luxury items, we know that anything of value probably has a counterfeit version floating around out there. The same is true for our faith. Maybe copying the behaviors of other believers was a great place to start your faith journey (we all start somewhere), but how can we move beyond copying Christians to actually following Jesus? How do we make our faith our own? The difference between a counterfeit faith and an authentic faith is growth and heart change. And we’ll discover that God can use just about anything to help us grow a faith of our own.

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