Who We Are

What We Believe

We are a congregation of The United Methodist Church, a denomination that finds its roots in spiritual revival, and has impacted millions across the globe.  The United Methodist Church seeks to serve others, nurture constantly growing relationships with God, and connect with those in the world around us today.

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Our Church's Mission:

We lead people to an active faith in Christ.

Our Church's Vision: 

Serve Our Community

Grow toward an increasing reflection of our community demographics and by 2025, serve our community a combined 10,000 hours.

Reach New People

Expand our ministry to reach and engage a weekly average of 600 people worshipping in-person and online through our digital ministry.

Launch Small Groups

Develop an effective pathway for discipleship as evidenced by 50 adults formally committing to follow Christ and 250 people connected in small groups.

Update Our Facilities

Update and refresh our worship and education facilities to better reach our mission field and serve the needs of our community.

Invest in the Next Generation

Develop thriving age-specific ministries to reach the next generation with 120 kids and 100 youth engaged.