Join us on December 23rd or 24th for a special Christmas Eve Candlelight Service! 

You're invited to join us for an exciting, meaningful, and fun Christmas Eve for everyone! Find out more below. 

It’s easy to get caught up in all the hustle and busyness of the Holiday Season:  Christmas lights, shopping, decorations, parties, and even family drama! So, this year we want to invite you take time out to slow down and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

You’ll enjoy a twist on a traditional Candlelight Service, along with live Christmas Music, FREE Hot Chocolate, Cookies, and a Family Photobooth!

  • Friday, December 23 @ 7pm - "Contemporary" Candlelight Service 

  • Saturday, December 24 @ 3pm - Jingle Jam Family-Friendly Service (Details Below)

  • Saturday, December 24 @ 5pm - "Traditional" Candlelight Service 

  • Saturday, December 24 @ 7pm - "Contemporary" Candlelight Service 


Hot chocolate bar and cookies will be provided, along with a photo booth!

Jingle Jam Family Service

Looking for something for the ENTIRE FAMILY to do this Christmas? Don't miss Jingle Jam! 

Take a break from all the baking, the shopping, the endless rolls of wrapping paper, and join us for an unfogettable Christmas experience complete with fun, games, music, and more!

Join us on Christmas Eve, December 24 at 3:00pm!

Christmas Offering

100% of our Christmas Eve Offering goes to provide clean water and opportunities in Mozambique!

To contribute to this Christmas Eve Offering, click the link below and choose "Christmas Eve Offering" under funds


Why do we support Mozambique with our Christmas Offering?

“It’s been many years that this community was lacking this pervasive resource. Water-borne diseases broke through in the area and sadly we lost our relatives due to malaria, diarrheas and cholera. We walked long distances to the scarce existing water sources, adding to physical wear, reduced time to attend church and school programs, including at some point paying per container. During this time women, pregnant women, elderly people and children wake up at 5 am and walk for long distances to find water including long lines at the point of the water pump or boreholes where people spend hours waiting for their turn. Apart from stagnating economic activities in our communities, it was even scary if the water sources happened to be contaminated, since cattle and other animals drank from this water, and therefore the whole village was at risk."

"We thank God for having given this gift of water which we never dreamed could be here very close to our community. Thanks for sharing resources with our people as a demonstration of great love to your fellow sisters and brothers in need. May Our Lord and Lovely Jesus continue to bless all of you, and we promise to maintain the well, and pray for your families and the Church in general."

-Sezarina Rafael